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Oh dear, it’s getting really chilly and dry in Japan. We are about to move into super dry season, and we want to make sure we’ve got the right skin care products, particularly cleansing. Let’s have a look at what Japanese women are raving about in 2016 autumn. The six most talked about cleansing at @cosme this autumn is here! Best Japanese Cleansing Skin Care Products!

#1 FANCL Mild Cleansing Oil – 2016 Renewed Version

This product is really a queen of Japanese cleansing. To date it has received 2014 Best New Cleansing; 2014 Best Cleansing; 2015 Best Cleansing. It contains off oil, which washes off even waterproof and difficult-to-remove makeup without scrubbing. It doesn’t stress our skin and yet leaves it moist.

#2 ATTENIR Skin Clear Cleansing Oil – Aroma Type

Not everyone is a fan of aromatic products, but obviously Attenir Skin Clear Cleanse Oil is an exception! This second most talked about cleansing oil has four high quality beauty oil and helps cleans while providing anti-aging effect. Its rock rose rose oil powerfully removes stain, and can be used with wet hands – how easy! Yet, it powerfully cleanses off even waterproof makeup. The best news is you won’t have to wash again after using Attenir Skin Clear Cleanse Oil.

#3 MANDOM Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover

Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover is a water-based cleansing oil. It contains moisturizing agent at the water and emollient levels, which gently cleanses off persisting makeup, including waterproof mascara! It also contains hyaluron acid, vitamin B and E, providing moist to eye areas which tend to dry up. It is free from preservatives, fragrance and coloring, and it’s allergy, patch and stinging tested.

MANDOM Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover - 145ml

MANDOM Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover – 145ml

#4 ORBIS Cleansing Liquid

This liquid cleansing contains aqua cleansing ingredient, which works differently on different types of makeup. It looks and feels more like moisturizer and spreads really well. Over 30% of this product is moisturizer, but non-sticky and leaves your skin smooth and moist.

ORBIS Cleansing Liquid - 150ml

ORBIS Cleansing Liquid – 150ml

#5 KOSE Predia Spa et Mer Fango Double Cleanse – Renewed Version

This high class cleansing contains natural mineral mud, which powerfully removes makeup and dirt from pores as well as oxidized sebum. Soft cream spreads smoothly and gently removes dirt. You’ll feel like you’ve just had a spa treatment, feeling smooth and moist.

#6 CHIFURE Cleansing Oil

What’s great about Chifure’s cleansing oil is the fact that it breaks into nano size when wet, removing makeup powerfully, while leaving skin non-sticky or oily. It can be used with wet hands and free from fragrance and coloring and non-alcoholic. Chifure Cosmetics Co. Ltd. was established in 1947 and produces non-additive skincare and hair care products. Chifure products are animal-test free.

CHIFURE Cleansing Oil - 220ml

CHIFURE Cleansing Oil – 220ml