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Yes, it’s that time of year again. Time to run around and shop for Japanese Christmas gifts. There is no getting around it, and truly joyful Christmas comes upon those who bite the bullet early and finish preparing gifts a few weeks before December 25th arrives. This year it could happen to YOU!

But, of course, you don’t want to settle (again) for boring presents. Low budget is no excuse because boring pressies are a waste of money, time and natural resources.

For low to mid budget shoppers who want to impress family members and friends, here is the 5 Best Japanese Christmas Gifts – Low to Mid Budget that can be purchased online.

No. 5 Japanese Christmas Gifts: Japanese Health Products

Made in Japan health products are highly sought after by Japan savvy shoppers around the world. One funky idea is Aojiru barley grass drink. Considered as one of the healthiest drinks, Aojiru helps improve digestion, decreases the bad bacteria in intestines, raises basal metabolism and more. It is extremely popular in Japan, and there is a growing cult following. Aojiru is perfect for health-conscious family members and friends.

Another funky Christmas gift idea is Japanese condoms. Japanese condoms are extremely thin, safe, hygienic and are increasingly trusted around the world. Among many high quality condom companies, Okamoto stands shoulders and heads above, and is a promising Christmas gift for your loved one.

Japanese nail clippers also make an impressive Christmas present. Most people on this planet live their lives, not knowing what a super high quality nail clipper can do for them. Get rid of that nail clipper your family got from a conner dollar shop and enlighten them with Takuminowaza stainless nail clipper.

No. 4 Japanese Christmas Gifts: Japanese Ramen Noodles

Life is too precious to be wasted on cheap instant noodles. Instant noodles was invented in Japan by the founder of Nissin Momofuku Ando in the 1950s, and Japanese continue to evolve instant noodles. If your family or friends haven’t tried made in Japan instant noodles, let them experience the world’s best quality instant noodles this Christmas! Find out 5 most popular Japanese instant noodles here.

Another one of unique Japanese Christmas gifts could be Ramen microwave cooker. When you are hungry, who wants to take out all sorts of cooking tools? All you have to do is put instant noodles in this cooker and microwave it for a few minutes and bon appetit!


No. 3 Japanese Christmas Gifts: Hello Kitty

That adorable cat, Hello Kitty, is taking the world by storm. No one can resist her kawaii looks today and you can easily impress your family and friends with Hello Kitty goods that are available only in Japan. In particular, Hello Kitty’s collaboration with another world famous cat, Doraemon, is set to be a big hit this Christmas! You should add it to your Japanese Christmes Presents list.

No.2 Japanese Snacks & Sweets

Pocky, Kit Kat and Hi Chew need very little explanation today. Japanese sweets are enjoying an epic success overseas and are loved by millions of Japanese snack fans around the world. A Christmas gift assortment of Japanese snacks will definitely impress your family and friends even if they are yet to discover the world of Japanese snacks.

Our recommendation is Kit Kat Matcha Otona no Amasa. This pack comes with 12 individually packed kit kat and they are just devine. An assorted Pocky pack will also definitely make an awesome Japanese Christmas gift. Kit Kat Matcha and Pocky assortments are on sale now.

No. 1 Japanese Matcha & Green Tea

Japanese matcha and green tea are enjoying epic popularity around the world. They are calming, refreshing and trendy – that’s why matcha and green tea will make an impressive Christmas gift. Green tea matcha latte drinks are trending right now (even Starbucks have them), and MUJI has one of the best matcha latte powders. Japanese green tea is often considered as ‘expensive’, but authentic made in Japan green tea can be had for as little as $8 (Oi Ocha).

We finish up this post by presenting a list of recommended matcha and green tea products. A perfect Japanese Christmas Gifts.