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Welcome to 2016 Christmas Special at! Many of you have probably just started to think about that inevitable christmas shopping. Are you giving up on getting Japanese christmas pressies because it takes a long time and worried that you won’t get your order before Christmas or New Year? Here is our special offer for christmas shoppers around the world! Christmas Special Now 50% off EXPRESS or FAST Shipping Fee!

When you make an order of minimum USD $99 or over and choose either FAST or EXPRESS shipping option we will immediately refund you 50% of the shipping fee.

  1. Order products for minimum of $99 or more and then choose EXPRESS or FAST shipping
  2. Make a payment with your credit card or via PayPal, and
  3. Once your order is processed in Japan (between 9am and 5pm in Tokyo), you’ll receive a 50% cash-back to your credit card or PayPal immediately.

With our 50% off shipping fee Christmas Special, Christmas/New Year shopping is much more affordable and more timely! But here are some information that you’d like to know before you start shopping.

1. Delivery time from Tokyo

Delivery time from Tokyo varies depending on the destination country. To most countries, it takes:

EMS Express: Normally 2-5 business days
Fast Shipping: Normally 5-10 business days

Customers in Asia receive orders much quicker than customers in Europe, the US, the UK , Africa and the Middle East.

2. Dispatch from Tokyo might take longer towards Christmas

We’ll do our best to prepare your order, but our suppliers might take longer to supply items than usual, due to the incoming busy season. Please allow 2 to 6 days before dispatch towards Christmas and New Year. Orders with multiple items also take a little bit more time than orders with single items.

If the preparation takes a long time, we’ll send you a notification of likely dispatch date.

3. Your local post office might not be as quick as usual

We dispatch orders via Japan Post, who is amazingly efficient and punctual. However, even if Japan Post dispatch your order out of Japan quickly, it’s up to your local office whether or not you’ll get your order on time. Christmas Special Now 50% off EXPRESS or FAST Shipping Fee!

Unfortunately, there has been many cases of delays in some regions, particularly the US and some European countries (France and Portugal).

It might be a good idea to check if your local post office is open during the upcoming festive season in December. Japan Post is all open, but your local post office may not be.

Please note that once orders are dispatched from Japan, there is nothing Japan Post nor we can do to speed up the delivery. We won’t be able to refund for Fast nor EMS Express shipping fees even if delivery is being delayed by your local office. We hope your local post office is psyched up about making their customers happy during the festive season by making a timely delivery!

4. If in doubt, contact us before purchase

If you have any question regarding your order, we are only one click away. Talk to us either on our live chat or through contact page!

Enjoy shopping amazing Japanese products and Christmas Special Now 50% off EXPRESS or FAST Shipping Fee!