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We still have time til Christmas and the New Year, right? Yes, we do – it is still October and no one wants to think that far ahead. But, if you are thinking about getting interesting Christmas and New Year gifts this year directly from Japan, that’s a different story. Buy Christmas and New Year Gifts from Japan Today!

Would you fancy getting yummy Japanese ramen and snack for your children, that amazing Japanese pain relief patches for your mum and dad, cool sake and sushi set or beautiful genuinely made in Japan cosmetics for your partner? Then, now is the right time to place your order for Christmas and the New Year gifts!

Why? It’s because of all this below.

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Reason 1: Slow delivery during Xmas

International delivery gets slower towards the Christmas time. Japan Post is highly capable and they have enough resources even amid the maddest time of Christmas. However, our parcels tend to get delayed in festive seasons once Japan Post passes them onto the local post office in the destination country.

Also, if there is a natural disaster, political turmoil, industrial strike and other types of incidents in the destination country, delivery gets very, very slow.

Once we sent an EMS Express parcel to France. At that time, the local post office was facing a heavy backlog of domestic and international mails and parcels due to the flooding of the River Seine in Paris. In the end, our customer received her EMS Express parcel after six weeks after it was dispatched from Tokyo.

Unfortunately there is nothing Japan Post nor can do once we dispatch our parcels out of Japan. Only the post office in the destination has control over the whereabouts of mails and parcels from us.

The only thing we could do at that time was to pray for the parcel to reach somehow and that we kept thanking our customer for her patience.

Even EMS Express may be so express because of the expected surge in the number of mails and parcels towards Christmas and the New Year.

boxesReason 2: Stock dissapears quickly

Our stock tends to run out quicker near Christmas & it takes longer to get new stock. dispatches orders between 1 – 7 days. Orders with multiple items tend to take more time than single or few items.

We have a wide range of items available in our storage, but the problem is this: Stock of popular items runs out very, very quickly towards Christmas.

What’s more, many things at our store have to come directly from the producers, who are located all over in Japan.

Handmade items are often hard to stock up and there is already a long waiting list for many products at our store. The waiting list only gets longer towards festive seasons, particularly Christmas, making it impossible for us to deliver in a timely manner.

We’ll be working round the clock throughout year, but our producers and suppliers may close their business well before Christmas and open again only after the New Year.

Reason 3: Replacement for damaged items

Even if items inside arrive damaged, you could receive replacement before Christmas if you order early.

Our dispatch department puts their heart and soul into packing your orders safely. Thanks to them, our customers rarely receive damaged items.

However, even if your parcel arrives and items inside are damaged, we can send replacement straight away (upon the details of the damaged items) and you might still be able to receive them before Christmas and the New Year.

shoppingReason 4: Best shopping decisions are made by taking a plenty of time

Of course, this applies to all our shopping. But it never rings more true than in the face of Christmas shopping! Already Christmas is considered as one of the most stressful time of all time. So we want to avoid making it worse by putting it off.

Say, you order over $99, we ship your order for free to many countries. This free shipping (SAL via Japan Post) takes two to four weeks, keeping in mind that there could be a delay (anywhere from one to three weeks) by the local post office in your country.

If you start making a list of shopping now and place your order at least by the end of October or early November, all you have to do for the next two months is sit pretty and wait for your parcel to arrive at your door – stress free!

Spend your Christmas this year totally stress free this year with!