COW BRAND Milky Body Soap Gentle Bubbles Soapy Scent Refill 2 x 480ml – Made in Japan


NEW COW BRAND Body Foam Shampoo is a gentle soapy scent with a clean mugue and jasmine floral, warm powdery and musk. Product features A 2-way foam formulation that can be used for both hands-washing and towel-washing groups. The creamy foam that comes from domestic soap ingredients makes it easy for even small children to wash with their palms. A gentle soapy scent.This is a really gentle shampoo, but it gets your hair squeaky clean. The most impressive thing is how much more hydrated and healthy my formerly dry, itchy scalp feels. Plus, I feel like it’s done amazing things for the hair itself, so I think this is pretty much the holy grail. Cow Brand is animal-test free products.

Country of Production: Made in Japan
Amount: 2 x 480ml Refills, can not be used without the Cow bottle.
Delivery: Directly From Tokyo, Japan

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COW BRAND Milky Body Soap Gentle Bubbles Soapy Scent Made in Japan

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Weight 2 kg

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