DHC Germinated Brown Rice Chocolate Diet 15 Variety Bars – Made in Japan

$ 35.90

DHC germinated brown rice chocolate bar is a cereal bar that uses 100% of the first-class rice from Hokkaido, “Natsuboshi” to get the whole nutrition of “DHC germinated brown rice”. The sprouted brown rice puffs coated with chocolate are very satisfying with a crisp texture! Three flavors are available, with ingredients such as dried fruits, nuts, and superfoods. In addition, it contains dietary fiber that helps you feel refreshed and gabber that makes you irritated. It is a strong ally in daily snacks as well as in diets where stress can easily be felt. Colorants and preservatives no additives. New texture tef & pistachio – puffed germinated brown rice and puffed pistachio, a grain teff known as superfood, are coated with milk chocolate. A cereal bar with a new texture that mixes two crispy puffs and pistachios. Fragrant jasmine and cranberry – germinated brown rice puff and dried cranberry coated with jasmine tea flavored chocolate. A cereal bar perfect for relaxing and enjoying the crisp texture, cranberry sweet and sour taste, and the elegant aroma of jasmine. Taste Amazake & Dry Banana – sprouted brown rice puffs and dry nana are coated with sweet chocolate flavored white chocolate. A tasty cereal bar where you can enjoy the rich and fruity bananas and the fragrance of soft amazake.

Producer: DHC Japan
Production: Made in Japan
Amount: 3 boxes x 5 bars
Delivery: Directly from Tokyo, Japan

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DHC Germinated Brown Rice Chocolate Bars Made in Japan

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