KOSE Clear Turn Premium Royal Jelly Mask Hyaluronic Acid Sakura 4 Face Masks Limited Edition – Made in Japan


Premium Royal Jelly Mask Highly-concentrated Hyaluronic Acid Sakura Hyaluronic Acid Royal Jelly Coenzyme Q10. Only for the most important day – this is the premium version of Kose’s best selling Clear Turn mask series. Contains Coenzyme Q10, Hyaluronic acid, royal jelly, argan oil and Glucosamine. KOSE Premium Clear Turn Jelly Face Mask is all in one type, designed to work as: 1) mask, 2) pack, 3) lotion, 4) milky lotion, 5) cream, and 6) eye mask. Sheets are made with 100% cellulose without any impure materials. Penetrating and highly-concentrated jelly-type beauty serum richly formulated with carefully-selected active ingredients. It delivers an extra boost of concentrated moisture deep into skin. Formulated with Coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone), royal jelly extract, argan oil and glycerin (moisturizer) 100% plant-based sheets are soft on skin The raw material for the pulp is 100% cellulose (the main component of plant cell walls). Sheets are hygienic and free from impurities. They’re packed with jelly-type serum to imbue skin*1 deep down with rich moisture.

Producer: KOSE Japan
Country of Manufacture: Made in Japan
Quantity: 4 x 30g masks packed separately
Delivery: Directly from Tokyo, Japan

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KOSE Clear Turn Hyaluronic Acid & Sakura Face Mask - Limited Sakura Edition Made in Japan

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