Morinaga Beauty & Smart Bifidobacterium B-3 30 Capsules – Made in Japan

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Morinaga Beauty & Smart Bifidobacterium B-3. Based on the Morinaga research results of many years and patent from among the large number of bacteria bifidobacteria B-3. Delivered to the alive intestine, it was packed in a small vegetable capsule. It supports the health style of your ideal lifestyle. Ingredients: Bifidobacterium powder (starch, bifidobacteria dry bulk powder), milk protein digests, starch, milk oligosaccharides (lactulose), HPMC, alginic acid Na, carbonate Ca, phosphate Ca, caramel color, milk. Recommendation: 30 Capsules (1 Capsule per day. Weight 340㎎, contents 280㎎).

Producer: Morinaga Japan Since 1961
Production: Made in Japan
Amount: 1 bag = 30 Capsules
Delivery: Directly from Tokyo, Japan

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Morinaga Beauty & Smart Bifidobacterium B-3 Capsules Made in Japan

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