MORINAGA Weider Jelly Energy Drink 6 MIX 150g x 6 Packets – Made in Japan

$ 49.80

MORINAGA Weider Jelly Energy Drink 6 MIX fruitiest, most flavoursome energy drink you will ever have! This squeezy pouch contains 180g of energy-boosting jelly juice, packed to the brim with essential vitamins and nutrients, including vitamin A, vitamin B1, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, and more. As an extra bonus, this jelly drink is made from 3% fruit juice, meaning that it also tastes great! Best served chilled. Consists of: Sugar, whey peptide (including milk component), vegetable oil, pork collagen peptide, indigestible dextrin, agar, dried tomato extract, milk sauce, processed rose / acidulant, flavor (from apple), stabilizer (soybean Sugar), Mg sulfate, Ca lactate, emulsifier, gelling agent (thickening polysaccharide), antioxidant (VC, VE), sweetener (sucralose), cyclodextrin, paprika dye, pantothenic acid Ca, Niacin, V.I. E, V. B1, V. B2, folic acid, V.I. A, V. B6, V.I. D, V.D. B12.

Producer: Morinaga Japan
Production: Made in Japan
Amount: 180g x 6 packets
Delivery: Directly from Tokyo, Japan

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MORINAGA Weider Jelly Super Protein Drink Made in Japan

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Weight 1.600 kg

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