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We’re happy to announce the launch of Japanese tea shop “OCHASKI”. ‘Ocha’ means ‘tea’ and ‘ski’ means ‘I like’ in Japanese. All products are sourced from family-run tea growers in Japan and they are thus 100% traceable within Japan.

Ochaski has began with eight different types of Japanese tea. These tea leaves were selected on the basis of their quality and, in particular, rarity. After all, there are millions of tea out there and we wanted to be unique and different.

So far, Ochaski’s tea leaves come from Shizuoka and Kyoto prefectures, two major teas of tea production. More regions such as Kagoshima, Mie and Saitama will be added soon. Ochaski’s tea is available at Takaski online shop, which sells only made in Japan products. So it is fitting that Ochaski’s tea as well as the tea cans and packaging are also all made in the country. The 73 year-old Nitto Seikan in Shizuoka produces Ochaski’s white and silver tea cans and black gift boxes.

Why a Japanese tea shop?

Of all things that are made in Japan, why would Takaski want to open a new Japanese tea shop, particularly when there are so many tea brands out there already? The answer is very simple – we simply love Japanese green tea, health and beauty benefits of it and the people who grow them. There are all types of benefits that can be had by just a cup of tea per day. After all, it’s very hard to live happily and meaningfully when you don’t have good health. And beauty without health is somewhat not so fulfilling.

Tea that is really made in Japan

We have known for many years that many of the “Japanese tea” sold overseas is not really made in Japan. Somehow there is a misconception that all green tea is Japanese, which is not the case.

Ochaski can tin green tea free tea bags made in Japan

Ochaski Tea Packaging Can 100% Made in Japan

We’ve also know for many years that Japanese tea growers take pride in producing healthy tea leaves. All year round, they take painstaking care, knowing all too well that their leaves will be consumed by you and have impact on your health.

This pride is often more profound among smaller tea growers. There are hundreds of small family-run tea growers in Japan and many of them have been making tea, often in harsh environment, for generations.
Many small farms provide tea leaves to big tea corporations, whose names you might have heard. But there are some small-sized growers who reject mass-production, and instead choose to remain independent and focus on the quality of tea that has been promised by their ancestors. Ochaski’s tea leaves come from these types of farmers.

Ochaski launch special – Free tea sample for all Takaski’s customers

Takaski is giving away Ochaski’s free sample to all customers who purchase in February 2018. We hope that Ochaski’s Japanese tea can be an opportunity for our customers to learn about the benefits of Japanese tea. Also, we really want our customers to try our Japanese food and snacks with our Japanese tea!

OCHASKI KYOMA + GENMA Box Kyoto Organic Matcha & Genmaicha Made in Japan

OCHASKI KYOMA + GENMA Box Kyoto Organic Matcha & Genmaicha Made in Japan

Established in Tokyo, Ochaski is a nihon-cha specialist, offering premium Japanese tea to tea lovers around the globe. All Ochaski’s tea products are single-sourced from Japanese family-run tea growers only. They are thus 100% traceable. Ochaski’s collection of tea begins with a conversation with tea growers. We visit their farms and ask how they grow and harvest their tea before making the tea available online to our customers. It is not only Ochaski’s tea that is made in Japan – our tea containers, bags and wrapping materials are also made right here in Japan. Green tea has a long history in Japan – it’s been part and parcel of Japanese healthy and calm lifestyle. Ochaski is dedicated to helping our customers achieve better health, more happiness and calmness in their lives through the delivery of quality Japanese tea.