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During cold and dry season, we take pretty good care of our skin and hair. But how about our eyes? Actually, Japanese people pay a lot of attention to eye care and there is a range of eye drops for various eye conditions and problems. Top 10 Japanese Eye Drops in 2024.

If you have gone to drug stores in Japan, you know that it’s kind of mind boggling to have to choose an eye drop because there is an ocean of eye products. Why not take a look at what Japanese people are buying and see if you fancy any of them? According to Yahoo! Shopping Japan, top 10 most selling eye drops are as follows:

No. 10 ROHTO Cool 40α Eye Drop 12ml

ROHTO Cool 40α Eye Drop contains four fundamental nourishing ingredients, which powerfully help improve tired and red eyes. Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, Sodium chondroitin sulfate ester and Potassium L- aspartic acid. It gives a vivid cooling sensation, though. Excellent for tired eyes from heavy computer use. Rohto eye drops Japan, Japanese eye drops.

ROHTO Cool 40a Eye Drops - 12ml

No. 9 ROHTO VITA Vitamin 40a Eye Drops 12ml

VITA Vitamin 40a helps revitalize tired and red eyes well, reducing irritation, redness and itchy eyes. It has cool mild sensation and Vitamins enhances tear replenishment and reduces eye fatigue! Japanese eye drops.
ROHTO VITA Vitamin 40a Eye Drops - 12ml

No. 8 ROHTO Lycee Blanc Heart-Shaped Eye Drops 12ml

New ROHTO Lycee Blanc Heart-Shaped Eye Drops is designed for women of all ages to achieve healthy eyes which will go with perfect makeup in the morning. It helps improve metabolic activity of your eyes with Vitamin 6 and treat red eyes and eye itchiness at the same time. Have one drop after you finish putting on makeup. Have another just before you go on a date with someone special in your life! One of the best Japanese eye drops.
New 2017 ROHTO Lycee Blanc Eye Drops

No. 7  ROHTO Gold 40 Eye Drops 20ml

It’s constantly popular and a lot of Japanese seem to have one Gold 40 at home. ROHTO Gold 40 – 20ml powerfully helps treat sore and tired eyes, eye irritation and itchiness. It contains taurine, nature-type vitamine E, chlorpheniramine maleate (treats itchiness), Neosuchi Gummy down methyl sulfate salt (improves focus), Vitamin B6 (improves metabolism), and potassium (improves eye cellular respiration). One of the best Japanese eye drops.
ROHTO Gold 40 – 20ml

No. 6 ROHTO Eye Drops 8ml

ROHTO Lycee Eye Drops 8ml contains corneal treatment ingredient and moisture ingredient (HEC). Temporarily relieves discomfort due to minor irritations of the eye or exposure to wind or sun. It works as a protection against further irritation or to relieve dryness of the eye. One of the best Japanese eye drops.
ROHTO Lycee Eye Drops 8ml

No. 5 ROHTO New Rohto Dry Aid EX Eye Drop 10ml

ROHTO New Rohto Dry Aid EX Eye Drop has 60 times more high viscosity than other Rohto products. Contains high molecular HEC and extremely high viscosity (only Rohto has this technology), which keeps liquid staying on eye’s surface. Not only provides moist but keeps eyes moist for a long time. Thick liquid stays on and keeps your eyes moist and protected. One of the best Japanese eye drops.
ROHTO New Rohto Dry Aid EX Eye Drop - 10ml

No. 4 ROHTO Kokin Antibacterial EX Eye Drop

ROHTO Kokin Antibacterial EX Eye Drop powerfully treats stye and conjunctivitis. This is a handy eye drop for parents as it can be used with babies from four months on. One of the best Japanese eye drops.
ROHTO Koukin Antibacterial EX Japanese Eye Drop - 10mL

No. 3 SANTEN FX Neo Eye Drop 12ml

SANTEN FX Neo Eye Drop – 12ml. Super refreshing eye drop designed to improve system metabolism, improving tired and red eyes. On the scale of refreshness from 0 to 5, FX Neo Eye Drop is ranked on 5. Contains the following ingredients: Neosuchi Gummy down methyl sulfate salt, Taurine, Potassium L-aspartate, Tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride, Chlorpheniramine maleate, and Epsilon – aminocaproic acid. One of the best Japanese eye drops.
SANTEN FX Neo Japanese Eye Drop - 12ml

No. 2 LION Smile 40 Premium Eye Drop 15ml

LION Smile 40 Premium Eye Drop – 15ml. Contains 10 types of ingredients that combat problems such as blurred vision and painful eyes arising from aging and stressing eyes. Preservative-free. Addresses itchiness and reddening with Chlorpheniramine maleate and Tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride. Also: Three types of vitamin (Vitamin A, E and B6) help improve blurred vision. Three types of amino help improve cell metabolism of tired eyes. One of the best Japanese eye drops.
LION Smile 40 Premium Eye Drop - 15ml

No.1 SANTEN Beauteye Anti-Aging Eye Drop 12ml

SANTEN Beauteye Anti-Aging Eye Drop – 12ml. Just like skin care that you use for your skin everyday, this product is designed to combat aging and keep eyes moist and clear. Eyes are affected by stress arising from excessive UV, exhaust gas, lack of sleep, imbalance diet and more. SANTEN Beauteye is developed to ease tired, red eyes, keeping them healthy. Contains Taurine that improves turn over of eyes, sodium chondroitin sulfate ester that protects and moisturize cornea, in addition to vitamin B12 and five more ingredients. One of the best eye drops in Japan.
SANTEN Beauteye Eye Drop against Aging - 12ml