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Japan is famous for its amazing range of sweets and snacks. From dirt cheap to dazzlingly expensive, you’ll never have problem finding a great variety at any shop. But that could be a problem for many who are newish to the top products made in Japan 10 Best Sweets & Snacks.

Here is my personal list of Top Products Made in Japan – 10 Best Sweets & Snacks. I know many of you out there may not agree with me, but it’s my personal choice;-) So Let me know what makes in YOUR top 10 Japanese sweets and snacks in the comment section:-) Here we go!

No. 10 – Pocky Wagokoro Azuki Red Beans

Pocky is loved around the world. All Pocky products in Japan are made in Japan, but some Pocky products, which are sold overseas, are made outside Japan, leading to result in different quality and tastes. I personally love made in Japan Pocky, especially Pocky Wagokoro Azuki. It’s not sold overseas as it is a limited edition for Japanese consumption. There is the elevated level of sophistication that comes with the packaging of Wagokoro Azuki. Azuki red beans used for this product come from Hokkaido. Give it a try before it runs out of stock.

GLICO Pocky Wagokoro - Hokkaido Azuki Red Beans 4 Bags

No. 9 – TOHATO Harvest Chocolate Melise

This product is not as well known overseas as other representative products of Japan. The Harvest Chocolate Melise cookies come in two slices in each bag, and my goodness, it tastes goooood! Once you start, it’d be really, really hard to stop until you realise that you are eating the last bag of two. Chocolate is so rich and the cookies have the best combination of crisp and moist. Try – you will thank me for it;-)

TOHATO Harvest Chocolate Melise

No. 8 – KIT KAT Mini Matcha Green Tea with Uji Gyokuro

Kit Kat Matcha is probably the biggest hit among all Kit Kat products that have ever been made in Japan. I think the reason behind Nestle Japan’s success is the perfect combination of high quality matcha, super crisp biscuits and appropriate sweetness and bitterness. The size is perfect, too, although it’s kind of dangerous that you can’t help but keep opening one after another because it’s so small… Eat with caution!;-)
Japanese Kit Kat

No. 7 – Meiji Rich Matcha Biscuits – Premium Matcha Harvest

Meiji Rich biscuits series are all very rich in terms of both chocolate and cookies. All of three versions – Matcha, Orange and Strawberry – are great, but I personally recommend the Matcha version. Among all the matcha cookies I’ve had in Japan, Meiji Rich Matcha is significantly richer and satisfactory. It does have an appropriate amount of matcha taste. If you are looking for matcha cookies, this is it.

Meiji Rich Matcha Biscuits 6 Pcs x 5 Boxes

Meiji Rich Orange Biscuits

No. 6 – MUJI Mini Dorayaki – Matcha, Azuki & Mochi

Dorayaki is super popular in Japan. It’s Doraemon’s most favorite Japanese traditional sweets made with pancake and Azuki red bean paste. There is as many variety as the stars in Milky way, but my personal favorite is Muji’s Mini Dorayaki Pancake. It’s a matcha flavour and comes with mochi sticky rice inside!

MUJI Mini Dorayaki Pancake Sandwich - Matcha!

No. 5 – KAMEDA Ume Shiso Rice Crackers

Kameda’s ‘Kaki no Tane’ rice crackers and peanuts are legendary snack in Japan. It really goes well with beer;-) Its Ume Shiso version is less well known overseas but it is my favourite among the original, wasabi and Ume Shiso. It’s mildly sour as ume is plum, and it’s really refreshing (and it’s great as it is even without beer;-)!

KAMEDA Ume Shiso Rice Crackers - 180g

No. 4 – TORAYA Sweet Bean Paste Jelly Yokan

When it comes to yokan sweet bean paste jelly, Toraya is head and shoulders above all traditional Japanese sweets makers. Established in the early 1500, Toraya began its yokan business in Kyoto. In 1586, Toraya started making yokan for the Emperor at that time. Many Japanese consider Toraya’s yokan as premium and are bought as gifts.

Toraya is increasingly popular overseas, too, particularly in France. Toraya opened its branch in Paris in 1980. My personal favorite is the assorted version with six different flavours:-) They are so stylish, too.

TORAYA Sweet Bean Paste Jelly Yokan 18 Packs 5 Flavors

No. 3 – BUNMEIDO Honey Castella

Castella came to Japan from Portugal in the 16th century. Companies in Nagasaki, which had the international port at that time, began making castella and to date, Nagasaki Castella is considered as the original and premium. Established in January 1900 in Nagasaki, Bunmeido is the most famous castella maker. I personally like their mini version – they are so cute:-)

No. 2 – Country Ma’am Gyokuro Matcha Cookies

Country Ma’am has always been part of my life – Ever since I had consciousness as a human being (lol), I’ve always liked the softness of the cookies. Now, they’ve done many matcha versions before, but the current one is the best I’ve tried so far. I’d have nominated the original taste if the current matcha wasn’t this good!

FUJIYA Japanese Country Ma'am Gyokuro Matcha Cookies - 2016 Latest Version

Fujiya Japanese Matcha Cookies Country Ma'am

No. 1 – Ginza Strawberry Cake by Tokyo Banana

Tokyo Banana has become the top selling and most popular souvenir from Tokyo among both Japanese and foreign tourists. Tokyo Banana’s Ginza Strawberry Cake had a make-over and the latest version tastes just so heavenly! If I didn’t have to watch my weight, I’d definitely eat one Ginza Strawberry Cake a day during my afternoon tea break:-( It’s creamy, but never too sweet. Tokyo Banana has again nailed it for all the fans around the world. Ginza Strawberry Cake by Tokyo Banana is my personal number one sweets made in Japan!

2015 New Ginza Strawberry Cake - Latest Version By Tokyo Banana

2015 New Ginza Strawberry Cake - Latest Version By Tokyo Banana