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Going to Japan on a holiday, but don’t want to waste your limited time hunting souvenirs? Perfectly understandable! My aim here is to help you save time getting the right kind of unique Japanese souvenirs. The items below are uniquely Japanese and considered as traditional souvenirs in our own country.

“Light” Traditional Japanese Souvenirs

Considering the luggage allowance, the last thing you want in your suitcase is a bunch of heavy gifts. If you want to travel light, consider the following uniquely Japanese traditional items.

Furoshiki – Japanese gift wrapping cloths

It is normally used to wrap gifts, but can be used for many other purposes. Furoshiki comes in all kinds of designs, sizes and prices. Cheap ones start at around 300 yen, but handmade traditional furoshiki, which you’ll find at high-end department stores such as Takashimaya and Matsuzakaya, are so beautiful and will make a great souvenir from Japan.

Best souvenirs Japan Presenting a gift wrapped in a furoshiki in Japan

Best souvenirs Japan

Ocha – Japanese tea

In Japan, ocha is the general term for Japanese tea and is one of the most traditional Japanese gifts in the country. There is a wide range of ocha, including sencha, hojicha, and genmaicha. For budget travellers, visit any supermarket near your hotel and you’ll find 100g to 500g bags of ocha from anywhere 300 yen to 1000 yen. For travellers with a deep pocket, go to the food area in the basement of high-end departments.

Nori – Japanese seaweed sheets

Just like ocha, nori the seaweed sheets have long been traditional Japanese souvenirs in this country. As sushi has become a global success, nori makes one of the best souvenirs from Japan. You’ll find cheap nori at supermarkets in Japan, but most of them are not made in Japan. Visit department stores for authentic made in Japanese nori.

“Oishii” Delicious Japanese Souvenirs

Japan enjoys the global reputation as a country of oishii (delicious) food. Japanese snacks can be found around the globe today, but really traditional Japanese snacks and food are still available only here in Japan. Here are some of the most traditional Japanese snacks and food that will make best souvenirs from Japan.

Osenbei – Japanese rice crackers

Japanese rice crackers are a great souvenir, but if you want really, really really traditional ones, try the following shops.

  • Iriyama Senbei: Iriyama is the oldest rice cracker maker in Asakusa, Tokyo. They bake rice crackers with charcoals at the shop.
  • Kikumi Senbei Sohonten: Established in 1875, Kikumi is one of the most popular and traditional rice cracker makers in Tokyo.

Yokan – Japanese red bean paste confectionery

It is not quite a global sensation yet, but it has been highly appreciated amount Japan enthusiasts. Best example is the success of Toraya, the most famous yokan maker in Japan. Toraya’s yokan is not only delicious, but elegantly packed making one of the best souvenir from Japan.

Japanese Beauty and Diet Supplements

Obviously supplements aren’t quite traditional souvenirs. But considering the fact that Japanese diet and beauty supplements are highly sought after overseas, they make great souvenirs. Here are some of the best selling supplements that are widely available at drug stores across Japan.

Beauty Supplements

Diet Supplements

Japanese Souvenirs Online

Okay, you tried your best, but failed to find the souvenir to kill and are already back in your country? Don’t worry. At, you’ll be able to find many Japanese souvenirs online from over 2800 items which will make best souvenirs;-)