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Why Shop at Takaski

5 ★Oh my goodness the perfect whip and oil is a global sensation! I also love the hair treatment and wrinkle eye cream and..."
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Crystal Collette
5 ★I have just received my package of items and I don't think that I have ever received such excellent service. Such wonder..."
Casey Johnson
5 ★Very impressed with the quick delivery and beautifully presented items. Would definitely recommend"
Deborah Ross

We’re in Japan and we sell only from Japan. We take a personal approach to your order and promise to accommodate your needs the best way we can.

  • All products are shipped from our warehouse in Tokyo, no multiple store hassle.
  • All our products are fresh and have plenty of time before expiry dates.
  • Only genuinely made in Japan products shipped directly from our warehouse in Tokyo.
  • FREE international shipping available to most countries.
  • FREE parcel splits to make it easier for the Customs Office in your country.
  • Bulk order discounts available for most products.
  • Three international shipping methods: Regular, Fast and Express.
  • FREE shipping tracking number provided.
  • FREE parcel insurance provided.
  • No Japanese TAX added to the product prices.
  • No hidden handling fees.
  • Simple and secure checkout process with Credit Card and PayPal options.
  • Payment in 11 different currencies to choose from, no exchange fees.
  • English speaking support by email and web-chat.
  • FREE 3-6 product samples included in every order.
  • Amazing packing including complementary gifts.
  • Furoshiki gift wrapping available with every product.

All our products are designed and made in Japan ONLY

We believe that products from Japan should say “Made in Japan” or 日本製 You’ll never ever find a product at our shop which is NOT made in Japan or fake.

We receive many inquiries regarding the authenticity of our products. Your concern is totally understandable. We’d be worried when we shop at an online shop for the first time. Simply put, we’d rather close our shop than to sell fake products.

Before we make a product available, we check where the product is made (it has to be in Japan) sometimes by calling producers directly. Even if it’s a popular Japanese product, such as a takoyaki maker or sushi set, we don’t sell them if they are not made in Japan.

Personal Care by Shopping Concierge

If you have any question or concern, we are only one click away on the live web chat. Our shopping concierge will assist with you just like at any department store in Tokyo.

Shopping Suggestions

If you are looking for a gift for your loved ones, we can make tailored suggestions. It could be an exquisite Arita tableware or a sake server made of cedar from Nikko the UNESCO World Heritage Site to impress your partner on an anniversary.

Or it could be the latest Pocky or KitKat that is only available in Japan so that you can put a smile on your children at home or colleagues at work.

Looking for a gift for your parent? We may suggest a particular brand of green tea that promotes healthy living and long life so they will know that you care for them. We know our products and take pride in our ability to make suggestions that suit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope the FAQs will help put your heart at ease. If you have more questions, please contact us anytime of the day or night.